「Summary of the progress of my study abroad in England」

The first

HI, I’m Dsuke! How do you do? Now, I stay in the hostel where is located in Kings Cross, London, it is very peaceful around here, so I like it. So, I’m talking about this 7days of my study abroad in London, because I felt and experienced a lot of things!

Language school

It’s really difficult to speak and listen English for me, because my course is very high level which they can speak English but can’t understand grammar and vocabulary. I’m completely the reverse. I can understand them but I can’t speak English fluently so I changed down the class. Actually, I want to move down two level but wasn’t allowed only one. I’m studying English here.

Everyday life

Anyway I try anything new, and I wrote a article about everything, because it’s my job so far. I really satisfied with this life in London, people is very kind, as Japanese, and they are so friendly, so I like them. After school, I often go the place I’ve never been to, and take lots of pictures, and post on SNS! You know, it’s my job so far.


As everyone knows, I must study English more, and talk with many people from other countries. By the way,  I think I want to interview working person about their work and work style. To realize it, I try to learn to speak English. Thank you for reading all my article. See you then!!

If you find my mistakes, let me know about it in this comment, or twitter!